Organicspa Active Brightening Serum

50gm | 85% Organic

brightening, protecting, hydrating

Silky textured, lightweight and antioxidant-rich, this milky treatment serum will help reduce pigmentation and promote skin luminosity. 

Scientifically and thoughtfully formulated using a potent blend of native extracts and actives, this serum will even skin tone while calming the complexion.


Add this layer to your daily skincare routine if you're looking for an anti-inflammatory formula that will:

·        Reduce pigmentation

·        Brighten skin tone

·        Stimulate collagen

·        Reduce signs of photoaging

·        Protect and strengthen the epidermis

·        Provide Antioxidants

·        Stimulate collagen

·        Maintains hydration and prevents TEWL

·        Strengthen the lipid barrier of the skin


Our biochemists have combined some of nature's most potent ingredients to formulate this active serum. Tomato Fruit Extract is full of protective antioxidants to help boost skin resilience and results in plumper skin with reduced lines. Research has pro