We call it a facial. But it’s really a nourishing treat for the whole of you.

The lights will be dim, and we’ll hot towel your feet before tucking you into a snug cocoon.

From this cosy place of warmth and relaxation you’ll be nothing but indulged, with your therapist in the room and focused on you the whole time. Your face and décolletage will benefit from massage and two cleanses. We’ll remove any impurities from the skin surface, move onto a hydration toner, exfoliate dead skin cells, and then apply a mask or steamer.

Once the product is applied, we’ll throw in a little more bliss, with your choice of head, hand or foot massage. Our service concludes with an eye treatment, serum, moisturiser and lip care. After this relaxation indulgence, we encourage you to take a few moments to rehydrate in our waiting room. Then it’s time to get that smooth, glowing skin out into the world.

Our Ramai range has a facial to suit your skin type, schedule and budget.

Luxurious. Organic. Vegan.
Organicspa Specialised Professional Facial Treatments offer to your clients an exclusive, active & intensive treatment, to address their skincare concerns and make their skin glow. Enriched with all the finest quality certified organic ingredients & therapeutic plants extracts, they are made for those who seek the ultimate sophistication in a facial. Whether as an individual treatment or a series of treatments, they are guaranteed to see instant & long term benefits to their skin.
Deep Cleanse Facial - $100
*30 min with extractions
This is a deep cleansing facial designed to give your skin complexion a quick boost between visits. Your facial starts with a double cleanse then is followed with gentle exfoliation and a nourishing mask. Facial completed with the application of tailored serums, eye care and moisture defence.
Alpha Refining Facial - $100

Peel 13%

Rejuvenate your skin, and brighten and renew your complexion. This fruit acid exfoliation, with glycolic and citrus acids, is suitable for acne, sensitive and dull skins.

Renewing Resurfacing Facial - $100
Peel 34%
Prepare to go deep. This exfoliation targets uneven skin tone, fine lines and acne scars. Lactic acid brightens and renews skin while hydrating, tropical fruit enzymes give your skin a fresh, vibrant complexion.
60 MINUTE (introductory)
Organic Customised Facial - $120 
After a deep cleanse and exfoliation, we'll apply a mask high in antioxidants.
The contents are selected to nourish and detox your specific skin type. With lymphatic drainage and muscle massage, your skin will be clear and glowing.
You'll head home equipped with a tailored plan to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Customised to all skin types.
Bio-Hydra Party Mask - $120
Replenish thirsty skin and illuminate your complexion. Formulated with Hyaluronic acid and Native Tasmanian Pepperberry extract, this treatment is a skin drenching fibre mask. Your face will be rehydrated and glowing.

Suitable for pre-party (and recovery) across all skin types.
75 MINUTE (our signature range)
Balancing Repair Therapy - $150

Re-harmonise and calm your skin. First we exfoliate, then rebalance your skin with a clay mask. Lymphatic and pressure point massage encourages detox from the inside out.

Suitable for sensitized, disrupted and congested skins.

Jade Vita Renewal Therapy - $150

It's like a luscious caffeine hit for your skin. After a customised exfoliation, the highly concentrated Vitamin C and Matcha Green Tea Mask is applied to boost your appearance. Then we'll finish using products for your specific skin type.

Bio-Hydra Infusion - $150


This treatment is about getting you dramatic results, today.

Using Ultrasonic technology in conjunction with the High Performance Serum, we’ll target and correct uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, dehydration, and prematurely aged skin.

90 MINUTE (extensive)

Our 90 minute Facials are the Rolls Royce of Facial experiences, from head to toe.

These Facials include cleanse, peel, exfoliation, head massage, foot massage, facial massage and mask. 

Ultrasonic Infusion Facial - $185


The Ultrasonic machine is an infusion system that works on ultrasonic frequency to stimulate skin tissue. It aids in absorption of active ingredients into the skin. Promoting the development of collagen tissue and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. An appropriate infusion ampoule will be selected according to your skin needs.

Radiate and Renew Facial - $185


The bio-active AHA peel in this treatment will rejuvenate the skin while a gua sha massage will lift, tone and increase blood circulation, enhancing the treatment and providing detoxifying benefits.

GUA SHA BENEFITS FOR THE SKIN. This Rose Quartz tool is used to lift and tone the skin on the face, increasing blood circulation really targeting problems lines and wrinkles. In comparison to the jade roller it is slightly more difficult to use but, with time, offers a more intensive treatment. 

Extractions - (per 15 minutes) $30
If you're concerned about acne, congestion, blackheads or millia, we can help you clear things up.
Extractions take place after the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and steamed. The process softens up the plug of hardened sebum and makes it possible to remove any blockage.
Additional Eye Treatment - 15 minutes $30
Individual Treatment - 30 minutes $50
We'll delicately clean your eye area and boost it with an anti-aging, firming and brightening serum. 
With a gentle, soothing, pressure point massage, we'll refresh and reinvigorate your eyes.