We carry so much tension in our bodies. It affects our health, how we feel and what we can achieve.

A Ramai massage is the perfect way to look after yourself, unwind and release this stress.

A head massage can be a relief if you experience migraines. Or our magnesium relaxant could be just the hit if your active muscles are feeling a bit tender.

Whatever you need we have a range of massage types, and our therapists tailor the pressure to suit you.

Each visit begins with your own aromatic awakening. Your body will instinctively guide you to choose the calming, uplifting or energising scent, which we’ll then apply to help you relax.

So take your time to invigorate, unwind or just let go in a blissful 30, 60 or 90-minute experience.


This is your chance to unwind. Our massage techniques will support you to let go of the daily life stressors.

We’ll increase oxygen flow in the bloodstream and release toxins from your muscles, so you’ll feel more energised.

30 MINUTES - $55
45 MINUTES - $75
60 MINUTES - $85
75 MINUTES - $100
90 MINUTES - $115

Take a Hot Stone Massage to gently deepen your relaxation experience.

The direct heat provided by placing smooth, warm stones on your body helps to ease muscle tension and stiffness, while increasing circulation.

75 MINUTES - $100
90 MINUTES - $115

A treatment based on Ayurvedic and classic Swedish massage techniques, involving working on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.

Helping to reduce stress, fatigue and eye strain.

30 MINUTES - $55

For women both during the pregnancy and postnatal, to provide much needed relief from fluid retention, lower back pain.

45 MINUTES - $85
60 MINUTES - $100
15 minute foot & leg massage $30
15 minute head
massage $30
15 minute hand & arm 
massage $30