Feet work so hard. Sometimes you don’t even realise how hard until you take the time to give them a little love. But oh, how they will thank you.

With a pot of herbal tea by your side, you can flick through magazines, chat with your therapist or take the relaxation option and lay down with an eye pillow.

As you settle in, we’ll start at the other end by giving your feet a good soak. Our pedicurists have been trained in basic reflexology techniques so prepare yourself for one seriously comprehensive treatment.

After the nail trim, it’s onto filing, then buffing the nail and removing any excess cuticle. Next, we take the specialist file to remove your dead skin. Then we move to the vigorous foot and leg exfoliation, before winding down with the calming leg and foot massage.

After your choice of nail polish has dried, stepping out feels like you’re floating.

30 Min - $40

French upgrade $10

Shellac upgrade $10

The perfect pick-me-up if you don't have a lot of time but want to put your best foot forward.

Lie back and relax as we trim, file and buff your toes, and then apply the polish of your choice.

60 Min - $85

French upgrade $10

Shellac upgrade $10

Relax and restore your hard-working foot soldiers. We'll pamper your feet with an exfoliation peel treatment, rehydration message and tidy toes treatment.

*No polish (natural) $75

45 Min - $65

Rid yourself of tough, cracked and dry feet.


This treatment is designed for clients that don't need to touch their polish but need the removal of dead skin on the heels.