If you want to shimmy your shoulders in that special dress, or you are concerned about back acne or congestion, a body buff could be just the treatment for you.

Our therapists can perform an extraction to clear up your skin, and support you with a healthy glow.

We’ll begin with a deep cleansing and exfoliation. This is followed by a gentle steaming that open pores and enables any build-up to be removed.

Then we apply a therapeutic mask and treat you with a relaxing neck, back and shoulder massage. So you’ll leave looking and feeling good.

45 Minutes - $90

The body will be polished to perfection with this infusion of salt crystals and oil, aiding to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation.

This treatment includes an indulgent massage with body butter to replenish and renew the complexion.

75 Minutes - $140

Combining rich oils and nut butters this formula provides an intense hydration experience. The silky cream infuses the skin with vitamin e to help promote skin elasticity and provide antioxidant properties to the body. The treatment will leave the skin glowing, nourished and rejuvenated with the addition of papaya extract.

75 Minutes - $140

This silky clay mask with the antibacterial properties of tea tree draws impurities from the skin while revealing a brighter complexion.

Formulated to cleanse and purify the body, this treatment includes a dry body brush and a relaxing massage to infuse and draw antioxidants into the body.